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SRISTI Sanskrit in origin and means creation, Sristi Group founded & headed by Er.V.Senthil Kumar in 2012, Since Inception, the company has always strived for benchmark quality, robust engineering, uncompromising business ethics, timeless values and transparency in all spheres of business conduct.

Our Services:


To be the first choice of Child Care, Play Group, Pre School, After School and Activity Centre for any parent for their children at their places of need.



Offer convenience to Busy, Working, Corporate Parents Give Fun and Excitement of a motherly care for their Children Provide for a Healthier and Happier Homes

Our Service


Play Group


During the initial years, children must be in an environment that enhances their major domains of growth physical, motor, comprehension and communication skills. This is done by providing those adequate experiences with objects, and in interactions. They involve in activities which appeal to their basic playful nature.
We have designed a theme based curriculum with expert guidance to,


Pre School


The child’s development can be thought of in different domains which are interrelated and interdependent and interact with each other. Modern thinking on education affirms that the goal of teaching – learning process is to teach children “how to learn”, that is, to explore, discover and practise to understand the world around.
We have designed a theme based curriculum with expert guidance to

Learning Through Play

Development in each domain can be fostered by giving each child a chance to participate in play based activities.